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Self Help Guides - Free Downloads

The website has been around for almost 20 years in various forms and has become a highly respected source for information sheets on various mental health issues. Carol Vivyan who runs the website has given permission for therapists to include these on their websites.
Please feel free to download these useful self help guides, which have been predominantly created by the website owner Carol Vivyan who jointly won the 2015 British Journal of Nursing's Mental Health Nurse of the Year award, there are well over 100 guides covering subjects like:

Stress Self Help
Sleep Self Help
Relaxation Tips
Dealing With Negative Emotions
Social Anxiety Self Help
Anger Self Help

Relaxation Tips Mindfulness For Busy People Nourishing and Depleting Activities Positive Affirmations Sleep Self Help Stress Self Help The Rucksack of Life Increasing Motivation

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